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46790 Cases | Dayton Municipal
Case Number Defendant Date
15CVF01457 TODD P CARTER 7/2/2015
Capital One Bank vs Todd P Carter
15CVF01680 RUSSELL SMITH 7/2/2015
Shiloh Springs Care Center vs Russell Smith
15CVF01695 TANEEA COLEY 7/2/2015
Southview Pathologists In, et al vs Taneea Coley
15CVF01931 KELS B BARNETT 7/2/2015
Cach, Llc vs Kels B Barnett
00CVF08368 GREGORY G. YOUNG 7/2/2015
Ebbet's Partners Ltd Assignee Of Bank One, Phoenix vs Gregory G. Young
15CVF01455 ANNA D ZIZELMAN 7/2/2015
Cbcs vs Anna D Zizelman
15CVF01586 BILLIE FOSTER 7/2/2015
LVNV FUNDING LLC vs Billie Foster
15CVF01692 SHIRLEY HARDWICK 7/2/2015
Cavalry Spv I LLC vs Shirley Hardwick
15CVF01929 TRACEY R MAYS 7/2/2015
C & F Finance Company vs Tracey R Mays
15CVF02019 MEAGHAN LONG 7/2/2015
Eagle Financial Services, Inc. vs Meaghan Long
15CVF01394 ERIN ROUTSON 7/2/2015
Midland Funding Llc Doing Business In Ohio As Midland Funding De Llc vs Erin Routson
15CVF01490 STEPHANIE MURPHY 7/2/2015
CAVALRY SPV I, LLC vs Stephanie Murphy
15CVF01691 LINDA OLIVER 7/2/2015
Cavalry Spv I LLC vs Linda Oliver
15CVF01776 LESLIE L MCCONNELL 7/2/2015
Cach LLC vs Leslie L McConnell
15CVF01964 RICHARD TOLBERT 7/2/2015
Cach, Llc vs Richard Tolbert
15CVF01485 KAREN S. GULASA 7/2/2015
Discover Bank vs Karen S. Gulasa
FARMERS, LTD vs Frank Pyles And All Other Occupants, et al
15CVF01717 VEDA RENSHAW 7/2/2015
Midland Funding Llc Doing Business In Ohio As Midland Funding De Llc vs Veda Renshaw
15CVF01962 DEBRA L PAGE 7/2/2015
Cach, Llc vs Debra L Page

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